Tuesday, December 20, 2011


During my tenure as a youth pastor a while ago, I went to several conferences. At one of these said conferences, in Indianapolis, I was first introduced to Bobble-Head Theater. What exactly is Bobble-Head Theater? It is a series of nine videos in which bobble-heads do what they do best. You guessed it, bobble! Well, that and other things. I’m not sure who created the videos—my guess would be a fellow youth pastor—and posted them on YouTube. Of this I am sure, they are quite comical (I have to warn you that you may find them to be, what’s the word--dumb). In each video the main bobble-head, Davey, learns a somewhat valuable lesson.
Episode six, titled What If You’re Wrong, inspired me (que cheesy inspirational music). This episode would serve as a spring board of sorts for me. After leaving the conference, I began rethinking and retooling some of my beliefs. For years I had just accepted the pat answers as fact. Finally, I was able to muster up the courage and actually do some research to find honest answers to my honest doubts.
This episode involves Davey asking each of his friends (which include Mr. T, The Lucky Charms Guy, and Hank Williams, to name a few) “What if you’re wrong?” about their various endeavors. Like Davey, at the end of the episode, I got to thinking, "What if I'm wrong?" What if some of my deeply held beliefs weren't really true at all? Could some of my beliefs be slightly skewed? How would that change things? Having said that, let me give you a disclaimer: in no way is this an attempt to discredit the church or Christianity! My desire through all of this is only to find the truth!

It is here, I have decided to add to the discussion and raise some questions. Take what you will, from the posts that follow, and discard the rest. Through them, I hope to clear a few wrong theologies that have weaseled their way in, thus making our paradigms either blatantly false or at the very least, somewhat skewed.

Now, I know there are some who just cringe at the very thought of asking "What if you're wrong?" Why? Perhaps it is because you, like me, have been raised to believe it is wrong to question your faith or what the Bible says; but most of all we never question the church. Or maybe it is just easier to go with the flow and not rock the boat. Then again, we may not want to honestly answer the question because pride stands in our way. We are right and that’s it; end of discussion. Or we have been avoiding this discussion because it only goes to show we don’t really know it all. And furthermore, we aren’t as in control as we think or would like to be. There is also the possibility we would actually have to alter the way we have been living our lives. You never know, asking the tough questions might even support and strengthen everything we already hold to be true.

If you care to check it out, here's the episode.

To be continued...


  1. Wrong?!?!?!?!? me?!?!?! how dare you!!!!...(cue evil laugh)... I like this question Jordan!! I KNOW I'm wrong most of the time, but that is only because I have the benefit of being married and as such I am reminded of my position on my opinions.. When it comes to my faith, our Church, and The Bible.. That tends to get very personal because these are the things that we consider to be our foundation! "dont rock the boat" tends to be a line we hold when it comes to our salvation. Once we have a vague understanding of what it means to be saved and the fact that this salvation allows us eternal life with Christ, I would rather not loss it if at all possible... so "dont rock the boat"!!

    But as I have grown as a person, I have found it paramount that I questions by own beliefs in God and the Church. Too many 'off center' ideas and theology can seep through the cracks and I start making them biblical truths without consulting the Bible. I believe this is where I must return to daily!! I believe that God's Word is the ultimate litmus test and unless I return to it often... I tend to allow my own desires to cloud the truth. I will twist my theology to justify my wants and actions...

    It is paramount that I question the Bible because that is where I will find the truth.. It amazes me how the more I question, the more I discover. But the key, is where I question.... church often gives church answers, pastors give pastor answers and so on... but the Bible gives... (wait for it)... God's answer. I don't always like that answer but because of the Holy Spirit, I understand it as the truth!!

    Did I ramble on??? sorry brother, I just loved the question, and bobble heads...

  2. You summed it up quite well! I especially like the part about 'church giving church answers, pastors giving pastor answers, etc.' And I have a feeling, some of the things I write are me giving me answers, as hard as I try to Biblically base them. That's why it is paramount that the Church openly dialogue. As Rob Bell said, "None of us has the market on Jesus." I'm also with you about the more I question, the more I discover.